My name is Jasmine Baeza and I'm a proud first-gen Mexican-American woman. I’m originally from a small town on the border of NM & TX where all my family still resides. I moved to Los Angeles by myself to study Photography when I was 21 after finishing up my AA at a junior college in NM. I then graduated from the Art Institute of North Hollywood when I was 22 in 2013. Now as an evolved 27 year old Photographer I do more than “just push a button” haha. I love to retouch photos and produce photoshoots. I love to connect others and dive into creative processes. I mostly shoot models, fashion, & beauty but also work with families, mommies, & children. I’ve shot weddings and product photography. I’ve even shot simple behind the scenes photos on sets. I say alllll of this so that you guys know that you can book me whenever for whatever, so long that it is in advance. <3